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Education > You CAN Sing

You CAN Sing

Judy has been empowering singers for almost twenty years in a variety of situations - choral workshops, private lessons, group lessons, schools, camps and retreats such as Summersing, Wild Jammin' Women and Women Making Music.  She is constantly on the lookout for resources to empower and educate singers.

This page of the website contains resources to help you 
1) free your singing voice
2) learn how to take care of your voice  
3) learn to use solfeggio (the do-re-mi syllables) for sightsinging and understanding music theory 

You can download a brochure here entitled 

You can also download a handout entitled

Judy has written a series of songs which teach solfa in a rote style but with exciting modal and rhythmic sounds.  Here are some samples:

Ionian Afro-Cuban (sound file and pdf)

Judy's goal is to add a new lesson every month so that you can continue to make progress in your singing.  Check back in - some portions of the lessons will be free, others will be available through the online store.
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