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. . . whether you're a longtime fan of Singer-Songwriter Judy Fjell, or you've recently discovered her through a camp or workshop experience.  Even if you simply happened on this site through a meandering link or a "wild google chase," WELCOME!

Play a sample of one of Judy's songs, including guitar solos from her new CD!
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October 2016
Wo-Ma-Mu! The 50th camp (25 years) convenes at the Bishop's Ranch!. Judy directs the weekend activities and celebrates with the many returning campers and the new ones who are lucky enough to happen upon this great community. www.womamu.org
September 2016
Judy leads singing and worship activities at this annual UU Women's event at a camp on Lake Coeur d'Alene.
Join Judy and the fabulous women of Montana for this annual celebration of women, spirituality, and creativity. Keynote speaker this year is Charlotte Kasl.
Friday night here in Helena I'll be sharing some of my latest songs in this songwriters' showcase. Looking forward to hearing songs from all of these Helena songwriters. Would love to see some of you there! Three of my latest are "Talkin' Baby Boomer Blues," "I'm a Feminist Way Down Deep," and "It's a Civilized World."
August 2016
Judy will make a serendipitous concert stop at the Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore in Munising, MI. See the calendar for details.
June 2016
Women of all ages and abilities are invited to join Summersing Music and Creative Arts Empowerment Camp. Guitar, ukulele, fiddle, mandolin, photography, bass, drumming, lots of singing and outdoor activities. Joining Judy on staff are Stormi Oshun, Beth Youngblood, Katie Knight, and Tami Pallingston. And, of course, Kim Kolstad, our cook! Registration Form can be downloaded on Calendar for June 11
April 2016
with members of Harmony: a Colorado Chorale
Join Judy and the Rev. Julia McKay for another inspiring Sunday morning service.
More details to follow!
Concert in Denver tonight (4/16/16) is cancelled due to winter storm warnings. Very sorry about that. worship service is ON for tomorrow in Fort Collins. Music EdVentures conference (www.musicedventures.com) April 7-9 UU Columbine Concert April 9, Worship April 10 Denver Lanai Concert April 16 Foothills UU Worship (Fort Collins), April 17
For more information see musicedventures.com
March 2016
Join Judy and staff for a very special camp "The Music of the Spheres." Featuring Kate Marianchild, author of "Secrets of the Oak Woodlands," illustrator "Ann Maglinte," Harmony Grisman, Pamela Stoneham, Nancy Schimmel, Alison Berry, JoEllen Arnold, Katie Dudney, Jean Marsh, Linda Joplin.
Judy returns for another residence at Brookside School. 3 days of SongWorks games, ukuleles, dancing, and singing with the classics.
Ukiah fans, make ready for another great Judy Fjell concert, this time with Crystal and Tami of the Nobody Else's Dream CD Release Band. Chanterelle opens.
Judy returns to Davis with the Nobody Else's Dream CD release band. Join them for high energy songs and memories of Judy's many years living and performing in Davis.
Summersing! - Play the video to the right to sample the music, the fun, the joy of Judy's yearly Summersing Montana music camp / retreat in the rolling hills of Helena Montana.  Click here for more information on this life-changing opportunity.

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